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At BAFBOX we specialise in being able to offer custom designed plastic enclosures WITHOUT tooling. Our system of manufacture offers you a personalised product tailored to accept your circuitry and components exactly. We offer :-

  • Minimum assembly time
  • Complete graphics to your specification
  • RFI Screening
  • Production from single prototypes - to - thousands per year
  • The security of not needing further work or painting required
  • A truly professional service from start to finish

Below you can see just a selection of designs from BAFBOX's collection history. These highlight only a few of the variations we provide, from matchbox to briefcase size, and from the simple to the complex.

Just click on any picture below to see a larger selection in each category, then click on any picture to see its detailed profile :-

The N2U Range
These Enclosures Consist Of 2 Interlocking U Sections Which Clip Together Like The One Featured Here

The Uniquely Styled Range
These Enclosures Are Generally Made Up From A Complex Design Of Plastic Component Parts To Achieve A Really Unique Finish Like The One Featured Here.

The D-Type Range
These Enclosures Generally Consist Of 4 Components ; Lid, Base, And Two Side Panels, Like The One Featured Here.

  • Lone Worker Alarms
  • Panic Alarms
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